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Estate Planning and Small Business Attorney

Too many people today are finding themselves priced out of the market for basic legal services. They are turning to do-it-yourself websites to prepare their wills or form their companies— creating legally binding documents that could have a huge negative impact on their future and that of their loved ones if not done properly. Or they are simply doing nothing at all and hoping for the best until they can get around to it someday. There is an alternative. I’ve designed my practice to provide professional, affordable, convenient, and efficient services to clients in the areas of estate planning and small business formation and governance.  Don’t do it yourself and don’t put it off another day.


I believe that a professional evaluation of your specific situation and individualized advice tailored to your needs are essential to your peace of mind. Don’t gamble with your future and that of your loved ones by relying on a do-it-yourself product. As a licensed attorney, I owe you a professional duty to provide competent, confidential, diligent, and loyal service. That's something no software, website, or form book can say. 


I believe you should be able to afford to have legal documents professionally prepared and you should know what those documents will cost you in advance. My services are available for a flat fee at a price that is affordable for most people. Each flat fee includes unlimited consultation time so you will never have to look at your watch while you are on the phone with me. In areas such as probate where I charge by the hour, you will receive an estimate in advance.


I believe you shouldn’t have to drive across town in rush hour traffic or take time off from work to meet with your lawyer. I have evening and weekend appointments available. I use the latest technology to enable us to meet virtually or securely exchange documents online. I also make house calls. 


I believe you should be able to get basic documents done in days rather than weeks. I use technology to maximize my efficiency in gathering your information, preparing your documents, and returning them to you as promptly as possible.